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  • Zack Hood - Max Trey
  • Zack Hood - Max Trey
  • Zack Hood - Max Trey
  • Zack Hood - Max Trey

Zack Hood - Max Trey

Zack Hood is in need and he’s not going to stay like that for long. He’s naked in the shower and cleaning every inch of his ripped body but there’s one big thing that’s sticking out. He has a massive erection that’s pulsating in the water and he’s not the only one who’s noticing it. Max Trey got a good look at the naked hunk and can’t stop himself from standing in the doorway and watching the way Zack is running his hands all over his body. It’s not long before Max can’t help himself anymore. He has a nice little erection of his own and he’s happy to pull it out and start jerking off while he watches. Zack looks up from his work and sees the horny twink jerking it to him and he happily offers him more than a solo wank. He gets out of the shower and brings his young friend into the bedroom to give him the thing that he can’t keep his eyes off. Max is so excited that he can’t stop jerking it while Zack sits him down and treats him to a few slaps across his face from his throbbing cock. He knows that he has a good twink on his hands when Max opens his mouth wide and takes the thick and veiny thing right into his mouth. It only takes a few sucks for him to decide that he’s lubed up enough to lie behind him and slide himself right inside the twinks tight little asshole. Zack penetrates his hole until their balls are slapping together and he’s ready to blow his massive and salty load. He wants to mark his new boy as his territory, so he pulls out and gets on his knees to coat Max’s toned chest in gobs of his warm and sticky cum.

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