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  • Trent Tarzan - Nathan Reyes
  • Trent Tarzan - Nathan Reyes
  • Trent Tarzan - Nathan Reyes
  • Trent Tarzan - Nathan Reyes

Trent Tarzan - Nathan Reyes

Trent Tarzan is in a bad mood and he’s going to take it out on someone. He’s just waiting for the right twink to let it all out. That’s when Nathan Reyes knocks on his door and walks into the office to take his punishment. He knows that he’s been bad and that he deserves it, but he has no idea just how bad it is. Trent shows him all of the evidence he has about his bad deeds and there’s really only one way that this Daddy will let it go. Nathan has to get down on his knees and show him how sorry he is with his rock hard cock in his mouth. He’s totally out of options, so he takes his place on the floor and just waits for the dick to come out. Trent slams it into the boy’s open mouth and face fucks him right there in his office. He pumps himself in and out of his mouth until Nathan can start to taste his precum, then it’s time for him to change things up. If he really wants to be forgiven then he’s going to have to give up much more than his mouth. Trent take a little bit of pity on the boy and sucks on his flaccid penis until it’s just as hard as his. Then he lies back on his desk and lets Nathan serve up his punishment to himself. He dutifully climbs up on top of him and gently slides the older man’s thick cock into his virgin asshole. He rides him and feels his anus almost split in half by the much more experienced man. He could simply cum inside him but he decides that the boy can still take more. He bends the naughty twink over his desk and hammers his asshole hard until he’s ready to pull out and cover his dick in cum.

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