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  • Trent Tarzan - JD Black
  • Trent Tarzan - JD Black
  • Trent Tarzan - JD Black
  • Trent Tarzan - JD Black

Trent Tarzan - JD Black

Trent Tarzan is staying in a hotel and just relaxing on the bed. He’s had a long day and just wants to relax for a little while. That’s when there’s a knock at the door and JD Black is there to clean the room and bring up new towels. Annoyed at the distraction, Trent decides that he’s going to put the service of the hotel to the test. He grabs onto the housekeeper and gets him onto his back on the bed. He pulls out his cock and gives it a quick sucking to get the young twink in the mood for more than just cleaning. It works right away and JD is quickly servicing the Daddy with his warm mouth. He knows that it’s above and beyond, but he’s there to make sure the guests are happy and that’s what he’s going to do. That’s why he’s also happy to get bent right over the bed while the guest spreads his ass cheeks wide and lubes up his tight, virgin hole. He just has to give his service with a smile while Trent forces his thick cock into the boy’s tiny little hole. It takes a while for him to get the whole thing in, but he manages to slide himself all the way in until their balls are slapping against each other. Feeling the much larger man inside him is so good that the twink can’t help but jerk himself off while he gets pounded from behind. He loses all control of himself and ends up shooting his load all over the clean sheets on the bed. Trent could easily fill him up with his massive load of cum but he wants to see it. That’s why he pulls out and drop the semen all over the twink’s tight ass and back.

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